KSUN is Sonoma State’s student run online radio station, a part of the Communications Department and is located in IVES 31.  Students enroll in COMS 385 Media Lab: KSUN for 4 units.. Each student is assigned to do a 2 hour radio show each week, they can do it solo or partner up for a team show. Students are also required to join a department each semester, and obtain at least one advertiser for their show.

As part of the College Radio universe, KSUN has existed at SSU in various formats since the 1970’s. It started as a club, located over where Police Services currently is, operated out of the dorms. KSUN has had various low power FM signals over the years, as well as being a part of Comcast cable throughout Sonoma County. KSUN has been an online station now since 2002. KSUN studios are located on the SSU campus, downstairs in Ives Hall (Ives 31).

At KSUN, students are able to do many things.  It is a great stepping stone for any student who wishes to get into broadcasting, journalism, public speaking, music etc.  Because KSUN is modeled after a real professional radio station, with managers and various departments, students are able to gain real-work experience.  Students take on leadership roles at KSUN, many of whom move onto the professional world of radio both in Sonoma county and beyond.

KSUN Radio provides an opportunity for college students to learn about the industry and often opens the door to internships and industry positions.