Bachelor of Arts in Cinematic Arts and Technology


This new degree focuses on preparing students for possible careers in the film and video production industries, and emphasizes developing hands-on skills such as camera operation, audio production, digital editing and post production.  For more information on this new degree program, reach out to Talena Sanders in the COMS Department at


Program Requirements (44 units):

  • Major Core (24): All students complete 24 units of required coursework.
  • Major Production Skills (12): All students complete 12 units of skills coursework
  • Major Electives (8): All students complete 8 units of elective courses.


Core Courses (24 units required)

  • COMS 200 Principles of Media Communication or COMS 160 A/B Media & Society [also A3/C3 GE]
  • COMS 202 Methods of Media Criticism or COMS 162 A/B Media Literacy [also A3/C3 GE]
  • CINE 301 World Cinema History and Theory
  • CINE 302 Production Industry Ethics and Professional Practices
  • COMS 402 Senior Seminar
  • COMS 499 Media Internship

Production Skills Courses (12 units required)

  • COMS 201 Video Production
  • CINE 310 Audio Production and Post Production
  • CINE 330 Post Production

Electives (8 units required) 

Representation in Film and Media Studies Elective: Choose 1 course from the following film studies course options:

  • AMCS 392 Ethnic Images in Film and Media
  • AMCS 260 Ethnicity in the Arts, Culture, and Media
  • AMCS/LIBS 390 SFI Film Study
  • CALS 393 Chicano/Latino Cinema
  • ENGL 377 Topics in Film Studies
  • GER 314 Crime and Secrets in German Film
  • LIBS 209 Bollywood and Globalization
  • LIBS 204 Minorities in American Cinema
  • LIBS 320C Film Theory and Narrative
  • LIBS 320C Contemporary Hindi Cinema
  • LIBS 320C Documentary Ethics and Aesthetic
  • MLL 214 French Literature and Film
  • NAMS 338 Native Americans and the Cinema
  • PSY 470 Psychology of Film
  • WGS 300 Gender Race, and Representation
  • WGS 285 Men and Masculinities
  • selected COMS 320 film relevant courses upon advisor approval

Production Skill Electives: Choose 1 course from the following production skills course options:

  • COMS 320 Special Projects in Video Production
  • COMS 369 Studio Blue
  • COMS 324 Scriptwriting for TV
  • COMS 325 New Media
  • COMS 320 Screenwriting
  • ART (Digital art course TBD)
  • ENGL 430 Select Genres (Screenwriting)
  • THAR 324 On Camera: Acting and Production (2-unit course)
  • THAR 144B Lighting (2-unit course)
  • +future course offerings



SRJC Film Studies AA Curriculum
SRJC transfer students can apply up to 20 units from their AA to articulate toward the Cinematic Arts and Technology BA.