A media lab to develop a range of skills in the production of radio programs. Work focuses on the production of live and prerecorded pieces for KSUN, SSU's internet radio station ( The lab also serves as the staff meeting of the radio station. May be repeated for up to 12 units.
Students will share at least one critical analysis of a specific media message and complete a senior-level project/portfolio/study, which is the culmination of their major experience.

Seminar provides an opportunity to gain new insights into social problems through an intensive analysis of the role and impact of mass communication in contemporary society. Emphasis is on exploring, through a major research project, social issues that should be, but are not, fully covered by the mass media.

Intended to give students experience assisting instructors. Teaching Assistants help teach, do research, and tutor students in classes. Consent of instructor and department contract required. May be repeated for credit.
Intended to give selected students experience in the construction and implementation of a professor's research project. Consent of instructor and department contract required.
Supervised study of a particular problem or area of interest in the media selected by the student in consultation with a sponsoring faculty member. Meetings will be arranged for discussions and progress evaluations. May be repeated for credit up to 8 units. Consent of instructor and Special Study 495 contract required.
Students will travel to the national journalism conference where they will attend educational seminars in all aspects of journalism from writing, to design photography, to media convergence. They will attend lectures and speeches by both nationally and internationally renowned journalists and scholars. To be taken with COMS 368. May be repeated for up to 3 units of credit.
This class provides students with an opportunity to discover how to make an effective transition from the classroom to the workplace. For a semester, individuals work in a media firm, business, newspaper, radio, or TV station. On the job, students learn networking and negotiating skills. Assignments for class include: a resume, workplace lingo, self-evaluation, profile of supervisor, and album with photos and text that describe the experience. There is also an interview for a job. Seniors only. Consent of instructor, internship agreement form, and department contracts required. Can be taken for up to 12 units only.