Internship Stories

Communications Major Mikayla Fritzemeier Shines in Website Design Internship
November 22, 2022

Prior to applying for internships, Communications Major Mikayla Fritzemeier wouldn’t have imagined she would be working on website design and development.

Maya photo
COMS Major Maya Fiorella Intern with Civity, a non-profit organization focusing on Community Engagement
December 3, 2021

Communications Major Maya Fiorella has a passion for social media.

David Gomez Lopez
David Gomez Lopez Helps with Global Water Crisis
December 3, 2021

Communications Major David Gomez Lopez thrived during his internship with Gravity Water, a global non-profit organization focusing on water equity and distribution.

Maxwell Robinson Jumps into the Beauty Industry
December 3, 2021

Communications Major Max Robinson took a chance on an internship in the beauty industry, a field he never considered working in before applying.

How an internship led to the career of Amy Gutierrez, COMS Faculty Member and reporter for, NBC Sports Bay Area
March 3, 2021

Sports Journalist and Communications Instructor at Sonoma State University, Amy Gutierrez knows the benefits of internships firsthand.

Photo of Marie Montoya
Senior Marie Montoya Herrera says her internship opened the door to her future career
February 24, 2021

Like many of her Communications and Media Studies peers, Senior Marie Montoya Herrera was on the hunt for an internship opportunity.